Power to the picnic:

500 Picnics to fight plastic waste


Organisation: more onion for WWF Germany
My Role: Strategist & Designer

Experience Design to make first steps into a plastic-free future

Sometimes an experience is the best way to change a habit. The #protestpicknick was developed to provide a low barrier entry to get actively involved in disposable plastic in everyday life.

For WWF Germany I created the strategy and the campaign branding for the action #ProtestPicknick. The picnic was integrated into other campaign actions that are motivating and empowering their supporters to reduce plastic in their lives.

Sign up and supporter journeys

After the sign-up all participants recieved custom supporter journeys that provided them with all the necessary information about the picnic and the avoidance of disposable plastic.

Material Packages for supporters

To support the organizers in marketing their picnic, material packages with marketing material could be ordered in advance.



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